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How it Works

Our Meals

Our meals are cooked fresh every week by professional chefs, using only the best ingredients.

Redefining Indian Food

"I loved the convenience of not having to think about meal prep & being able to simply open my fridge and grab a meal that was already pre-portioned & fully cooked. On top of that it's healthy, delicious and ready in a few minutes. That's exactly the kind of convenience I need as a busy mom and business owner!"

- Swetal

"When you think of meal-prep or meal subscription services, you don't think Indian cuisine. I love Indian food and always struggled to find Indian food that was not only delicious, but healthy. SpiceBokx was the answer to what I've been looking for! When I tell you that SpiceBokx was life-changing, it truly was, and is to me. I've been able to eat what I love everyday and not feel guilty about the nutritional content."

- Pratixa

"The very first thing I noticed about the first SpiceBokx meal I opened was the absence of the thick film of oil that's generally swimming on top of traditional or restaurant-style Indian food.  I was amazed to find that it [Palak Tofu] tasted just as good as the restaurant-style dish, plus it had about 3X the protein you'd see in the restaurant-style dish!" 

- Ronak

Free Delivery

You'll have your meals for the week delivered to your doorstep every Sunday, so you can start your week off on the right foot.